About Us

About Three Little Birds Boutique

TLB is “where beauty is created through smiles, laughter and confidence.” 

The best times are filled with laughter until the belly hurts.  We want women to have an experience and leave feeling radiant and cheerful. We want our uplifting culture to spread into the lives that enter our store. We want to reach beyond the surface.  These feelings then turns into the confidence they will feel when putting on the outfit.  They have one less thing to worry about and feel truly happy in their own skin. 

The name Three Little Birds comes from the song I sang to my twins to put them to sleep when they were little.  Then I had my third child, which created my Three Little Birds.  To me, the song and the name signifies a carefree, fun environment.  No judgments. No expectations to conform to a particular mold.  You are free to be who you want to be instead of who you need to be for at least an hour ;)

Margaret Miller, otherwise known as MM, is a 30 something mom of three including twins.  She has been married to her husband for 13 years and lives in Mechanicsburg, PA.  She loves a good pizza, a great dress and perfect heels.   She was a former teacher at Milton Hershey School where she learned about Mr. Hershey and his commitment of serving others.  Taking the same steps of owning a business, Margaret wants to create an environment of self love with a fun atmosphere, quality clothing and exceptional service.