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What to Give Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

December 06, 2019 34 Comments

What to Give Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season - The TLB Boutique


What to Give Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season 

Setting the mood with David Bowie’s song “Under Pressure” as we start December's blog. It is so hard to give a great gift. And to continue to do it year after year. This is the topic MM (me) will be tackling in this Playbook. 

There are different gifting scenarios/experiences for everyone. What to give the person who you have no idea how to shop for, what to gift the person who can buy anything they want, what to get the person who says they don’t want anything (insert my husband). It can become an anxious experience, all set to a Micheal Buble holiday soundtrack.  

That's where I come in. I suck at a shit ton of things. Remembering names. Pronouncing new words. Making garlic bread. Talk to text - but one thing I can do, (my favorite thing) is gift giving. 

I won’t give you the straight answer, because this isn’t my gift to give, but I will at least help you with some ideas of how to give the gift they didn't even know they wanted.  I'll follow up my advice with examples of how the action is implemented. Now go grab that pinch of extra cookie dough left in the fridge, and start reading.

Instructions for Giving the Perfect Gift 

Ok, here it is; the answer you need. Shop at TLB. Done.

KIDDING… as much as I love everything in the store, I know that the reality is that we don’t have everything. and sometimes the holidays are about the sentiments.

So really the first thing is to LISTEN .  When they talk.  Even if it is about little stuff that sounds mundane. Throughout the year, there will be times when people I love make comments about pieces or experiences. I take those comments from those conversations and tuck them away in my brain as ammo. Just like when Tom does something wrong and I keep that shit in the back of my brain;) just in case. Ok, continuing back to holiday cheer.

So my first example is a friend who I have noticed has never turned down a chance to eat or buy a cookie. NEVER. She once said, “I never met a cookie I didn’t like.” HERE IS MY SIGN! Ok, so her present will be something with cookies. How can I take it up a notch so I’m not just handing her Chips Ahoy package with a red bow? How can I elevate the idea to buy something she would never buy herself? And this is where I begin typing the word cookies into google…

Which leads to getting a 12 month subscription to cookies from all over the country. Every month she will get 6 different cookies from a different bakery around the U.S.A. This would most likely be too indulgent for someone to buy themselves, but if it were gifted, bring on those sugar filled pieces of Heaven, and just send them straight to my ass.


What Do You Get for Someone That Already Has It All?

Now the gift for the person who has f*ucking EVERYTHING. Sorry, not sorry for the bluntness and the drop of the f bomb, but this one is sooooo tough. Often times money, and present size can be used to measure the meaning of someone to you, so in this situation it can make you feel like an ass if you can’t measure up. Let's face it, not all jobs pay the same and you have to work with in your means. This is where I get creative with gifts you can’t put a price on.  

The example of this actually comes from one of the best gifts I've received (and it cost maybe $30 dollars). My friend used facebook, Instagram, her phone, anywhere she could get pictures of not only me but my family and she made a calendar. I know you are thinking, jeeze MM that is easy and other people do it all the time. Some of you probably even make one every year for grandma (not mine, remember the scotch from last blog). She took it a step further, every month she chose pictures for what happened in that month.

February was full of Jo and Harrision, while October was full of Pierce for their birthdays. September was a page smothered with candids of Tom and I for our anniversary month. You get the idea. I was so touched that she remembered these important dates, and knew to highlight the special people in my life. We're often so busy, and moving quickly that it is quite impeccable for her to have remembered these things. It touched me that she knew that much about me and my family. 

Take the idea of going the extra distance, instead of thinking wallet sized. Maybe your person is loaded, but never bakes and they love peanut butter pie - grab a great recipe and make one. A little thought can definitely compete with a thick wallet. 

"I Don't Need or Want Anything This Year"....

Now for my personal dilemma (and I hear it every year), the person who doesn’t want anything. Thomas or as I like to call him, TOM ASS, does this to me every year. Who the hell doesn’t want to open a gift on Christmas? You have to be careful with this one though, because the person is usually saying, "I’d rather keep money in the bank. I have most of what I want, and the things I do want, we cannot afford". For this person, I tend to keep things minimal (while still remembering their favorites). Tom likes to gamble, so I buy a few scratch offs. He drinks, so I pick out a new bourbon he hasn’t tried. To cap it off, I get him some cheeky socks to wear to work, or a new book about business.  I just do a few little things to show him love, but not enough to start a financial fight. So with your bahumbug, give them little presents to show you still think about them when they aren’t around. Show them you know them enough to respect their disapproval of a lavish exchange. 

As I end this playbook, I acknowledge the fact that I have not mentioned fashion at all, but sometimes the important conversations we have in the store aren’t about clothes, but how to handle life problems. Unfortunately (based on the idea that I’m somewhat pf a cool person), our online audience doesn’t get to meet me in real life. That sometimes makes it hard to show that our store isn’t for just finding beautiful clothes - it's about a safe space that goes beyond dressing women. The playbook this holiday is about gift giving in style. And what is behind style? “It {Style} says who you are without having to speak” (Rachel Zoe) and the type of gift you give speaks about who you, are as much as it speaks to who receives it. Use your heart and brain this season, and together they can come up with one RAD ass gift!  


Stay Stunning this Season,

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